Digital Banking

Business Banking

Designed for businesses from the ground up—providing one segmented platform, differentiated customer experiences and future omnichannel integration.

Offer your customers a seamless, personalized experience in the office, on the road, or at the branch — all on the same platform as consumer banking.

Our Business Banking Solutions are designed on the unique needs of businesses to empower you to compete and win business banking relationships with the right set of financial tools.

Our Digital Banking Platform, powered by a services-oriented architecture, gives you the control and flexibility to:

  • Deliver your customers a seamless and personalized banking experience that reflects your brand and strategies across all channels
  • Easily integrate third-party services and functionality, or Create Your Own, to exceed customers’ expectations and differentiate your financial institution
  • Leverage data-driven insights and analytics across your digital channels to provide segmented and highly efficient cross-sell offers and information that drives engagement and revenue

The Digital Insight Difference

Our Business Banking Product is designed for businesses from the ground up—providing one segmented platform, differentiated customer experiences and future omnichannel integration.

  • Usability - Easily administer a differentiated experience that is intuitive for the business customer and designed specifically for businesses
  • Single platform - Enjoy streamlined control delivered on one platform for businesses and consumers with consistent experience and the highest levels of reliability. Use the same set of administrative tools you already know for both sets of users
  • Single sign-on - Your choice of vendors for business bill pay, mobile remote deposit capture and online statements as an initial delivery
  • Market depth - Appeal to a wide range of business needs from small business to mid-market

Benefits to Small to Mid-Market Business

  • Easy to use – Design aligns with Digital Insight’s online retail banking application
  • Seamless - Banking experience is maintained across all digital channels
  • Provides control - On-the-go user management capabilities
  • More capabilities than ever before - Offer your small business customers the next digital business banking experience they want, from the office to the road, so they never miss a business transaction.

Benefits to the Financial Institution

  • Revenue - Enhances the Business Banking offer for small business users, helping to retain current customers and attract new ones
  • Exceptional usability - Superior customer experience, delivering more convenience and freedom to manage their business
  • Rich capabilities and segmentation – customizable to each customer’s business needs
  • Easy to implement – Quickly onboard business customers without loss to their productivity

"Our business members are extremely happy with the new online business banking experience."