NCR Branch Foundation

Provide seamless, unified interactions at the branch

And see one view of your customer from teller to mobile tablet, from ATM to digital banking.


  • Powered by Channel Services, delivers multi-modal engagement by sharing business logic via APIs
  • Open, extensible platform designed to replace aging, monolithic banking applications
  • Modern technology that connects you with your clients and their financial assets including cash, administration and any banker assisted financial transactions   
  • Support your banker and teller admin transactions needed to manage the branch
  • Converge physical touchpoints with digital channels using a common consistent view that provides continuous customer interactions for branch staff and their customers
  • Flexible options for full, assisted, and self-service transactions
  • Use the API toolkit’s pre-built API frameworks that provide lightweight orchestration to help you continuously improve, innovate and progressively transform your branches


  • Extend your branch reach further with more customer engagement touchpoints, making you, the banker, more accessible to your customers
  • Reduce operating expenses and infrastructure investments associated with full-service branches, which is increasingly important in a digital-first world
  • Gain more efficient and transparent employee-driven branch and teller transaction experiences that are automated and intuitive with streamlined user interfaces reducing errors and cost
  • Speed staff response times during customer branch visits, allowing time for higher value interactions
  • Provide consistency and improvements in the customer experience with shorter in-branch queues and options to use digitally connected channels
  • Use APIs to build simple transactions or complex multi-transactions for branch interactions and accelerate delivery of updated and new services

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