Empower your customers to bank when—and how—they need to with Interactive Banker from NCR

Offer the very best assisted service at the most appropriate moment.

Banking has gone through dramatic shifts in both technology and capability, and customer needs have changed right alongside them. As customers demand more and more, it can be difficult to know what to offer and how.

To stay competitive, banks must understand their customers' changing needs and provide them with an outstanding experience. If they don't, customers are more willing than ever to move to a different financial institution that will meet their needs.

It makes for happier customers, more efficient use of staff time and is good news for cross-selling too.

  • Precision service—tablet technology delivers a staff view of multiple live transactions at each Interactive Teller, so assistance can be precisely targeted
  • Sharper sales focus—thanks to realtime information on cross-selling opportunities, staff can act immediately and offer customers a product they are interested in
  • Smaller is better—smarter deployment delivers operational cost savings, including the freedom to open smaller, more cost-effective branches—and win new customers
  • View and control up to six self-service devices at once
  • Future new transaction capabilities e.g. Bill Payment
  • One view portal for all disparate applications
  • Identify and offer personalized service based on their data
  • Minimal integration with maximum CRM value
  • Remote view, track and analyze customer self-service interactions in your branch
  • Identify bank and non-bank customers and be prepared for interactions
  • Respond seamlessly to customer help requests