Control the largest expense in your ATM operation

Reduce the cost and complexity of cash supply

NCR Cash Management Facts

  • Optimize cash supply and cash holding with highly developed mathematical modeling
  • Save resources and achieve greater accuracy to manage your cash
  • Improve management of cash points, vaults and cash movement
  • Configure to your business rules and priorities
  • Available as SaaS for simple, fast implementation
  • Proven results at over 400,000 ATMs, branches, vaults and cash centers
Real savings delivered by NCR Cash Management

Every country in the world is facing varying Cash-in-Transit (CIT) costs, interest rates and infrastructure constraints. With NCR Cash Management financial institutions can create value and maintain high levels of consumer service in every case. Here’s some of the savings that have been achieved by customers in different regions:

  • South America: 47% reduction in redundant cash and 14% saving in overall cash supply cost
  • Europe: 37% fall in cash balance and 18% reduction in overall cash supply cost
  • Eastern Europe: 30% reduction in cash balance and 23% saving on overall cash supply cost
  • South East Asia: 32% reduction in CIT expense and 27% fall in overall cash supply cost
Cash Management types

Cash point management with OptiCash

  • Robust mathematical engine reflecting 25 years of evolution
  • Provides recommendations on optimum actions for cash orders, note mix, volumes, timings and deliveries across ATMs, branch counters and any other cash points
  • Flexible business rules including CIT, contracts, cash thresholds, interest rates, site access and more
  • Allows remote user and branch access real time review and input by all stakeholders
  • Delivers full reporting, dashboards and auditing across the supply chain, plus CIT invoice validation

Cash vault management with OptiVault

  • Extends the OptiCash mathematical model to cover fast moving cash centers and vaults
  • Recommends optimum actions for cash receiving, processing, dispatching, note mix, available and non-available cash and timings
  • Configurable using over 200 parameters, forecasting up to a year ahead
  • Aggregates data from OptiCash or any third-party cash management system across all connected branches and ATMs
  • Covers the whole supply chain including smaller cash vaults and “parent vaults”

Cash movement with Logistics

  • Commercial customer administration extends cash supply to retailers and third-party users
  • OptiTransport optimizes CIT logistics and routings to minimize transport time and energy costs
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