Pressure test your Windows 10 migration strategy today

The global ATM industry is again at an inflection point with the ending of support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020. Of the 3.4 million ATMs in operation today, Windows 7 OS represents 75% of the global ATM network.

This is no small event.

Unlike the shift from XP to Windows 7, the move to Windows 10 not only feels different—it is different. Having a fully supported, secure and compliant OS is fundamental to delivering experience-driven ATM interactions.

You need to plan.

The first step to success? Use our latest paper to pressure test your current Windows 10 migration approach, ask the key questions to challenge your team and leverage our best practice advice for how, and when, to migrate.

Be Ready. Be Secure. Be Compliant.
Start your migration plan today

Windows 10 migrations can take up to 18 months with hardware, software and services upgrades. So we recommend starting your migration now to enhance your business strategy and take advantage of exciting new capabilities. And we’ll modernize your ATMs to support multichannel engagement and branch transformations. Email or call 1-800-Call-NCR to get started.