ATMs & Self Service

System Management

Control your operating expenses and improve efficiency by managing your ATM hardware and cash supply chain.
Managing the day-to-day operations of the ATM channel can be costly and complex.  NCR has the solutions to help streamline and reduce the cost. 

Cash management

Cash supply is the most expensive cost in managing the ATM. With NCR Cash Management we can help you to optimize and reduce that expense

Device management

No customer wants to turn up to your ATM and find it out of action. NCR Vision maximizes ATM availability and maintains the best possible consumer experience by ensuring your ATMs are as efficiently maintained as possible.

NCR System Management


Lowered costs, accelerated deployment and increased efficiency


Supports variety of devices and network structures

Rapid resolution

Reduced downtime

Software as a Service

Subscription pricing and eliminated upgrade overheads

Incident management

Automation, tracking and full audit trail of incident life cycle

Customer Story

National Bank of Egypt

A big increase in the ATM network across the country and the software platform to run it
When National Bank of Egypt was given a government directive to increase access to cash and foster greater financial inclusion in Egypt, we stepped in and delivered 2,000 cash recycling ATMs and a next generation enterprise ATM software platform.

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