Transform your tech with Media Handling 2.0 from NCR

Driving improved availability, security and performance to your day-to-day business

What matters most to ATM channel owners? Driving uptime, minimizing failed customer interactions and ensuring high levels of availability.

Media Handling 2.0 from NCR is a wide range of ATM dispense, deposit and recycling modules that are already generating fantastic results and driving higher availability.

With Media Handling 2.0, NCR provides you with a highly configurable ATM module set delivering a clear upgrade path to help future proof your estate. Invest today and get ready for tomorrow. Media Handling 2.0 provides you with the widest range of deposit, dispense and recycling options in the ATM industry. 

NCR Media Handling 2.0 is a flexible solution designed for your business to manage your day-to-day operations better, featuring common parts and components across all ATMs. This means better performance with easier, faster fault identification and resolution via a series of module enhancements. These ATM modules are key in helping deliver a consistent transaction set in all locations and placements.

S2 Media Dispense Module: Up to 60 note bunch, 346mm cassette capacity with up to 2800 note capacity (depending on note quality and thickness). Up to 14000 note capacity in 5 high and up to 28,000 in dual tower.

SDM2: Up to 100 mixed media bunch cash + check in a single transaction. Store up to 4,000 notes + 400 checks*

GBXX2: Up to 200 notes per transaction. Store up to 2,300 notes per cassette (deposit). Up to 2,000 (recycle)*

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