Offer remote service with a smile they can see

And expand banking hours and services without expanding your staff. That’s the power of NCR Interactive Teller.
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See how Tampa Bay FCU used ITMs to deliver a face-to-face teller experience that’s convenient for members and cost-effective for the business.

Video banking at Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) gives financial institutions a way to provide personal assistance without customers having to go inside. It also allows your financial institution to extend banking hours without doing so at every branch. See how Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union did it.

Offer personal, face-to-face assistance at your ATMs with NCR Interactive Teller

  • Unlock an amazing customer experience - ITMs give you the opportunity to build and maintain meaningful relationships with your customers by allowing your tellers to interact in face to face environment.
  • Cut costs and drive revenue - By automating simple transactions, tellers can now communicate with customers and drive extra revenue virtually.
  • Expand your hours of operation—not your staff - By using call centre staff, ITMs allow branches to stay open for longer and offer the same service 24/7.
  • Make your brand work for you - In today’s new normal, your financial institution could be the leader in offering high-tech alternatives that still provide face-to-face interaction with a teller—safely.

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