How to make self-service more powerful with cash recycling

Cash in circulation is increasing. Globally, ATMs dispense 50% of the cash that consumers carry. And in some markets, people are using ATMs to deposit cash and checks in growing numbers. Cash recycling is a smart way to meet the demand and improve your customer (and staff) experience.

  • Cash recycling is the fastest-growing segment globally for all types of ATMs
  • It’s increased by 50% in the last two years
  • But today only 5,500 of the 433,000 U.S. ATMs are enabled for recycling

Cash recycling ATMs enable your ATMs to accept, validate, sort and store banknotes quickly and reliably. They allow for deposit and dispense from the same cassette, reducing the number of ATM replenishments. It also offers a number of additional benefits, including reducing cash-in-transit costs, minimizing cash handling, improving fraud management and more.    

Learn how you can use cash recycling technology to give your customers more choice and flexibility, save costs and compete on customer experience with NCR.

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