EndPoint ATM Security

Security is not an option. Protect your investment, your brand, and your customers with NCR Secure™

Security attacks are a real threat to the ATM industry.

While “traditional” attack vectors remain a significant and material threat to ATM operators, the industry now faces a growing trend of “logical” attacks as well. These attacks include the use of electronic devices and/or malware as a way of achieving an unauthorized dispense of cash from the ATM. Furthermore, ATM crime continues to rise and expand into nearly every region of the globe.

What is EndPoint Security from NCR?
EndPoint Security service provides a secure solution for controlling the software on your ATMs. NCR best-in-class processes is based on our Solidcore Suite for APTRA toolset and ensures that your software is protected from unauthorized code execution and modification. Solidcore Suite for APTRA utilizes “white-listing” technology, offering total protection and comprehensive, transparent security.

EndPoint Security 
NCR’s EndPoint Security service protects the software environment against unauthorized updates and malware. EndPoint Security provides day zero protection for ALL unauthorized code running on the ATM and mitigates the gaps associated with Microsoft’s security update process. 

NCR’s EndPoint Security solution provides a comprehensive, centrally managed and monitored “white-listing” security solution. It has no signature updates, firewall changes or scheduled scans required. 

EndPoint Security provides comprehensive monitoring of the solidified software environment looking for changes in the file system or changes in protected memory that would cause a system slowdown. EndPoint Security will completely reject any unauthorized change at the solidified end point and provide the reporting necessary to document the attempted security issue. 

Key features

Prevent unauthorized software from executing - 
NCR will solidify your terminals against a known software build so that all allowed software components are registered. Any code that is not identified during the solidification process will be prevented from executing. 

Prevent unauthorized software updates or modifications - NCR will ensure that only the approved software distribution process on the terminal is allowed to add, update or remove any solidified software elements on the terminal. Any other process that attempts to modify software will be prevented from making the change. EndPoint Security protects code in storage devices as well as code executing in memory. 

Monitoring for unauthorized code update or execution - While blocking unauthorized actions is important, it’s also critical to know when such attempts are being made so that root-cause resolution can be implemented. NCR will monitor your terminals for any unauthorized software update and execution and notify you of these events if they occur.