NCR SelfServ™ 24

Connecting the world
with cash

Introducing a Cash Dispenser designed for the
self-directed consumer

Introducing NCR SelfServ™ 24

NCR SelfServ™ 24 helps enable financial institutions to better meet corporate environmental sustainability goals, reduce total cost of ownership and manage risk through enhanced security innovations. This, combined with human-centric design, will empower you to deliver a self-directed banking experience for the digital consumers of today and tomorrow.

With end-to-end service excellence, NCR Enterprise Software and digital-first hardware, the SelfServ™ 24 connects the world with cash.

Running the ATM channel has never been more simple



Empower exceptional customer experiences and offer self-service technology more in keeping with the demands of the digital-first consumer


Promote financial inclusion by using the ATM as a bridge between the physical and digital world. Encourage the consumer to bank at a time and place that suits them best.


Enhance consumer security at the ATM channel and protect your fleet against logical and physical attacks. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Extend your brand presence with NCR SelfServ™ 24

Your customers expect their experience at your ATM to reflect the technology they’re used to—contactless, touchscreen, swipe and gesture are all second nature today.

What’s more, the increasing sophistication in ATM fraud means security is vitally important—with high serviceability and availability along with it.

Check out our infographic on how our new NCR SelfServ 24 delivers experience, availability, and security in one smart end-to-end package.



A cash usage movement is happening across Europe

Access to cash remains vital to many European countries


Explore the importance of customer experience across the globe

The value of the customer experience cannot be overstated, make yours stand out from the pack

Cash dispense, transformed.

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