ATM enterprise software

Modernizing the ATM experience for consumers and deployers

Improve customer experience and migrate more banking transactions and services to the self-service channel.

ATM enterprise software facts

NCR’s enterprise ATM software enables financial institutions to benefit from:
  • Advanced, next generation ATM software for digital first banking
  • Highly flexible architecture allowing maximum migration of consumer transactions to self service
  • Removed constraints of traditional states and screens implementation
  • Rapid integration and deployment 

Customer Story

Saudi Investment Bank

Delivering speed and simplicity to ATMs
Having access to the latest digital technologies through NCR, The Saudi Investment Bank has dramatically improved customer experience, extended the self-service offer, all while streamlining their operations.

NCR ATM enterprise software


Based on proven NCR ATM software


Features widely deployed NCR NFC contactless technology


Compliant with ATMIA architecture

Cost Effective

Rapid deployment and integration

User Experience

Broad range of banking transactions in self-service

Customer Story

National Bank of Egypt

A big increase in the ATM network across the country and the software platform to run it
When National Bank of Egypt was given a government directive to increase access to cash and foster greater financial inclusion in Egypt, we stepped in and delivered 2,000 cash recycling ATMs and a next generation enterprise ATM software platform.

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