NCR Activate Enterprise

Simplified end-to-end ATM software. Straight out of the box.

Get everything you need to deliver the most modern customer experience anywhere, from easy deployment to standard transactions, ITM support and much more.


  • Activate enterprise, digital-first ATM software
  • Standard ATM transactions included
  • ITM video assisted banking client included
  • New flexible, tablet-style user interface using HTML and CSS
  • EMV compliant NFC contactless support
  • Broad-based marketing capability
  • 2019 ATMIA award winner
  • ATMIA Activate enterprise certified


ATM and self-service managers

  • Simpler software management with single application spanning ATM and ITM.
  • The same software can now be deployed across your entire fleet regardless of ATM or ITM functionality, simplifying management and maintenance.

Retail Bankers and IT Management

  • Digital first ATM software that brings the ATM out of its legacy silo and connects to the enterprise
  • Extend self-service using the ATM as an access point for a range of digital and extended banking services, run by in-house or by FinTechs and other third parties.

Retail Bankers

  • Attract and retain consumers with a new, modern, tablet like user interface and contactless card support
  • Easily implement your own branding and design features using HTML and CSS and stand out from the crowd
  • Simple and fast to change and update to enable new services and transactions
  • Provide the convenience and speed of contactless transaction capability

Marketing and consumer service leaders

  • Communicate with your consumer base using built in broad-based marketing
  • Advertise new offers and deliver your brand messages



Based on proven NCR Activate ATM software


Features widely deployed NCR NFC contactless technology


Compliant with ATMIA architecture

Cost Effective

Out-of-the-box solution

User Experience

Tablet-like touchscreen interface

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