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Transform your banking experience today—and tomorrow—with your self-service channel.

Consumers want their banks to help them to accomplish more in less time. Convenience and simplicity is key.

And at NCR, we’ve developed the industry’s most complete portfolio of banking solutions to help your customers do just that. 

You'll drive more transactions to yourself-service channel and make better use of automated technology. It’s just one way we help you future-proof your bank by making your digital channel as robust as your branch.

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SelfServ 80 Series ATMs

SelfServ 80 Series ATMs

Embrace the convergence of technology and human-centered experience.

Cash Dispense ATMs

Cash Dispense ATMs

Accelerate your self-service reinvention with the trusted self-service channel for consumers

Deposit & Recycling ATMs

Intelligent Deposit & Recycling ATMs

Enabling your financial institution to offer a wide range of deposit, dispense and recycling options to customers.

Media Handling 2.0

Media Handling 2.0

Driving improved availability, security and performance to your day-to-day business.

Advanced ATM Software

Advanced ATM Software

The world’s most advanced self-service ATM software application, delivering a rich mix of transactions and revenue-generation opportunities.


Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Security is not an option. Protect your investment, your brand, and your customers with NCR Secure™

Customer Story

Pioneer Federal Credit Union has seen 30% year-on-year increase in usage of their mobile app that’s downloaded 350-500 times a week.

Enhance customer experience with industry-leading design

Deliver experiences that best fit your customer needs. Not only do we have an outstanding "out of the box" solution with top-rated online and mobile banking apps, but you can also:

  • Human centered ATM design inspired by tablet-like interactions
  • Simple, innovative and differentiated design for enhanced usability and customer experience
  • Wide variety of flexible deployment options across multiple locations

Provide a versatile platform

Our ATMs accommodate the technologies of today and also easily adapt to what’s coming tomorrow. They’re designed to seamlessly deliver a full range of interactive and assisted service transactions at any location, any time – improving accessibility and usability for consumers, service engineers and branch staff.

  • Supports multi-touch, mobile pre-staging, e-receipts and contactless
  • Provides greater consumer intimacy and face-to-face interactions
  • Automate a wide range of deposit and dispense transactions at the ATM

Customer Story

Looking to accelerate their digital experiences for First National Bank Texas users, First Community Services turned to NCR to upgrade its digital and mobile platforms, as well as provide additional services, including business banking, financial management and our Promotion Suite Premium.

Customer Story

Interactive tellers aren’t the future—they’re here and now. With branch, mobile, and video banking bundled with synced ATMs and contact centers, Bank Audi is turning its customers into evangelists with NCR fintech.

Integrated, interactive services

  • Enables call center staff and tellers to provide guidance to consumers and drive modules
  • Facilitate upsell opportunities inside and outside of the branch from any location

Seamless, consistent experience everywhere

  • Leverages NCR CxMarketing and CxBanking software suite
  • Ability to display personalized, seasonal and location-based marketing
  • Enhanced Marketing capabilities at the ATM

Customer Story

“Offering exceptional customer experience and interaction remains a key growth strategy for us. The introduction of NCR’s innovative Interactive Services technology for the first time in the country, reiterates our commitment to deliver exceptional banking experience to our customers,” said Preni Naidoo, Executive, Self Service Banking at Nedbank. With NCR Interactive Teller, we are actually increasing access to banking services using technology, while maintaining the comfort of human interaction. This initiative will offer our employees additional time to better serve customers with more complex banking needs, and allow us to offer clients the convenience they need every day of the year.”

Customer Story

When you’re handling someone’s life savings (not to mention their super-sensitive personal data) you can’t ever be too careful. That’s why Westfield Bank tapped NCR’s Guardian Analytics technology to deliver the protection customers need, without disrupting the banking experience they want.

Secure, prevent, & protect

  • Maintain the trust and integrity of your network
  • The NCR SelfServ ATM Family has a wide range of new security features “designed in” as a fundamental requirement
  • New external and internal design characteristics turn ATM crime protection to ATM crime prevention with sophisticated security features and countermeasures for fraud management, access control and authentication

The difference is in the performance

Media Handling 2.0 allows you to:

  • Dispense – Store up 2,500 notes per cassette
  • Deposit – Up to 100 mixed media capacity.
  • Store up 4,000 notes and 400 checks
  • Media Handling 2.0 devices improve dispenser performance up to 20%
  • Cash recycling performance delivers up to a 3X improvement

customer story

End users of financial institutions that work with certified NCR partners benefit from ATM availability and up-to-date security measures, resulting in maximum self-service availability for consumers and protection for the financial institution’s brand.

ATMs & Self-Service | NCR

“Our customers recognize just by the design of the NCR 80 Series ATMs that it represents a significant investment in their experience.”

ATMs & Self-Service | NCR

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