Unleash the power of marketing at your ATMs

Your ATM screens are a powerful strategic advantage. With NCR ATM Marketing, you can cross-sell, upsell and engage your customers—and your competition’s customers, too.
Watch the video to see how.
See how simple it is to deliver personalized marketing on your ATM screens.

You have an attentive, captive audience every time someone uses your ATM.

That’s time you could be using to run targeted, personalized marketing messages that help you upsell, cross-sell, engage and delight your customers as they withdraw cash.

And with strong recall, it’s a proven, powerful tool to reach consumers.

NCR ATM Marketing makes it simple to personalize your messages, show your customers what they’re likely to be looking for and even target your competition’s customers—if you have lower rates than they do, for example, you can use your screens to tell consumers:

  • Running broad-based marketing campaigns, using location, daypart, BIN numbers, holidays
  • Deploying targeted marketing with personalized messages built on CRM data
  • Displaying customers’ preferences for ATM screen layout including language, frequent transactions, etc.

In banking’s tightly competitive market, you need to use every opportunity gain the advantage. That’s NCR ATM Marketing.