Amplify ATM transactions with Allpoint.

NCR’s proprietary Allpoint Network provides merchants with a way to significantly amplify transaction volume by attracting cardholders who would have otherwise stayed away. Allpoint taps into millions of cardholders — over 60 million — from over 1,200 financial institutions, fintechs and prepaid programs, enticing them to visit participating ATMs for surcharge-free cash access.

Surcharge-free means more business.

As a retailer, you may wonder why making a portion of ATM transactions surcharge-free is a good idea, but study after study shows that 70 to 80 percent of consumers avoid ATMs where they have to pay a fee. Allpoint makes your ATM attractive to these potential users. The result? Significant new transaction volume.

More traffic means more sales.

It’s a simple fact that more feet through the door leads to more sales at the register. When your ATM participates in Allpoint, consumers view your locations as a destination. They seek out Allpoint Network participating ATMs through web and mobile locators, and when they visit your store to use the ATM, many of them will make a purchase as well.

Position your store alongside powerful allies.

Allpoint member financial firms include five of the 15 largest U.S. banks, nine of the 10 largest U.S. neobanks, the top five reloadable prepaid programs and hundreds more institutions. In the search for more transactions, it pays to have powerful allies.

Choose Allpoint from NCR.

Allpoint, wholly owned and operated by NCR, is available to boost your ATM transaction volume when you choose a retail ATM program with us. Participation in Allpoint is your choice, but experience has shown the success of the program. The results speak for themselves.