As the Chair of the new Risk Committee of the NCR Corporation Board of Directors, it is my privilege to oversee the work that NCR’s Chief Risk Officer does in making ESG risk part of its core business decisions. And while I am thrilled to be placed in this new role, this does not represent a new direction for NCR. 

The principles of ESG – that is, environmental, social and governance – are part of NCR’s history. NCR’s founder, John Patterson advocated for clean, well-lit factories and “fireless locomotives” to rid the factories of coal smoke. Patterson also gave office space to suffragettes and provided voter education to newly enfranchised women. 

Now the moral code that has always guided NCR has been articulated as ESG principals that will inform what NCR does on important issues such as:

  • Data privacy and security
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employee health and safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Sustainable operations

Embedding ESG into NCR’s operations and business decisions will require more than an optimistic email or an edit to the organizational chart. NCR firmly believes that by measuring what it does against ESG principles, NCR will mitigate risk, drive strong talent development, and produce long-term value for its many stakeholder groups. Put simply, being a better business is just good business. 

I am excited to add a board-level perspective to this work. The goal is clear – for NCR to become an ESG leader among peer technology companies – and now there is a roadmap  to get there.

Georgette D. Kiser
Risk Committee Chair, NCR