One hundred and thirty-six years ago, NCR transformed retail by making the first cash register.  From that day forward merchants used our solution to record transactions, tally change, and  store their proceeds. 

In essence, we made the machines that fulfilled early social contracts.  While the machines have certainly changed over time, the interactions we facilitate today have the same purpose: simplify commerce and banking, while helping instill trust, honesty, and transparency in society and  our economy. 

Although we’ve changed how NCR supports commerce through technology and innovation, our deep sense of responsibility for facilitating those interactions remains the same. Since our founder, John Patterson, offered our first factory as an emergency shelter for displaced families during the Great Dayton Flood in 1913, NCR has placed an emphasis on doing what’s right for those we serve and for helping others during times of need. These NCR values will never change.

But NCR can and will do more. It is time to progress our commitment to our shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers, and our communities. 

This year NCR has launched an initiative to fulfill another chapter in our history of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. Our Board of Directors has formed a Risk Committee to help direct these efforts and to advise our newest leader, our Chief Risk Officer, who will be overseeing our ESG initiatives in addition to risk management on behalf of NCR globally. I’m also pleased to share that we are appointing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader to help our team surface and resolve potential blind spots, so we continue our efforts in making NCR a truly inclusive company. And finally, we’ve engaged a noted ESG partner to help us chart a metrics-based pathway to becoming an ESG leader among our peer technology companies.

While we are highlighting these particular efforts today, these commitments and the values they represent are not new to NCR. As I shared previously, they are foundational, and representative of what NCR has been since our very beginnings. 

As we make progress down the ESG path, we want to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and equitable world. 

I’m honored to be a part of NCR today and proud of the new steps we are taking in our ESG journey. 

Mike Hayford

President and Chief Executive Officer, NCR