Environmental, Social & Governance

We believe in creating positive change to support an innovative future.

But even more—we believe in creating that future in the most responsible way. Here’s what we’re doing.

NCR strives to be an ESG leader among peer technology companies.

Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, we're committed to addressing key areas that our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities care about most.

On this page, you can explore our ESG priorities in more detail and keep up with our progress as we continue to do our part in creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

Our ESG priorities

In 2020 we reconsidered our ESG journey by placing management responsibility within our risk management team. This reset changed how we approached sustainability, driving a newly identified set of ESG Priorities stretching across three pillars: People and Communities, Climate and Environment, and Governance and Ethics.

Based on identified material items in each topic of strategic area, we asked our stakeholders what matters the most. While all three priority areas are at different levels of development, each of these strategic topics has oversight and teams working together, to create a clear and measurable path forward.

People and Communities

Supporting the progress and development of the societies in which we operate, leading to growth, stability and equality.

Climate and Environment

Addressing environmental risks and leveraging opportunities, recognizing how the future of business ties to nature.

Governance and Ethics

Managing impacts & opportunities affecting employees, workers in the value chain, customers, and local communities.

Relevant resources

NCR’s Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team firmly believe that measuring and reporting what the company does against ESG principles is the best policy for mitigating risk, driving strong talent development and creating long-term value for all its stakeholders.
Here you can find related policies, documents and reports reflecting our efforts in making progress against ESG principles, identifying future opportunities, quantifying ESG targets, and enhancing ESG disclosures,
reporting and transparency.

“NCR has a unique opportunity to make impactful changes in ESG matters across the entire universe of communities

from our customers and suppliers, to employees and community partners, to investors and shareholders, through our global footprint and diverse industries we serve.
We are making commitments to create a sustainable future, one full of opportunities for everyone, and I am excited to see how we will create that better future – together!"
Milorad Simic, Global ESG & Corporate Sustainability Leader

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