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Get the latest buzz from the industry on NCR's c-tailing.

Speak Magazine The Multi-Channel Challenge
Speak Magazine The Future of Fast Food
The future of shopping A powerful video from Resource Interactive shown at the Annual Summit
Grocery Headquarters Retail convergence (Jan. 2011)
Speak Magazine Speak’s Spring Edition features c-tailing (page 21,30, 34)
Euroshop Video EuroShop talks to NCR's Rick Chavie about c-tailing
Speak Magazine Summer edition of Speak Magazine shows NCR’s c-tailing is on the rise
NCR 2011 Global Retailer and Consumer Research Key findings from the European retailer and consumer 360° survey
He Said / She Said How Shoppers and Retailers View the 21st Century In-store Experience
He Said / She Said ADDENDUM A 360-Degree View of Consumer-Retailer Relationships in North America
Retail TouchPoints White Paper: The 3 Ps of Converged Retailing