NCR Self-Service Applications

Self-service is an ideal way to put customers in control of their experience and make shopping faster, easier, and more convenient for them. From enterprise level self-checkout applications to help with item security, personalization, and reporting to enabling customers to scan, bag, and pay without assistance – there are lots of ways to make every day easier for your customers.


NCR Utilizes the Cloud to Enhance Connected Payments Solution for Retailers of Any Size

NCR Connected Payments offering creates a smooth and more secure payment processing for more than four billion transactions annually NEW YORK, January 12, 2015 – NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, (NYSE: NCR) today announced the inclusion of private ...

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Talking one-on-one with shoppers

It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes a surge of industry insights and media coverage about retail trends and predictions for 2015. The discourse runs the gamut from the latest disruptive retail technologies to preparing for October’s EMV deadline, but one common thread that...

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