POS Terminals for Event-Based Venues


Our line of Venue POS terminals built for stadiums and arenas are custom-made for demanding indoor and outdoor concession operations.  Leverage any combination needed to streamline your operations – from ROM-based terminals to hybrid touchscreen and membrane keypad POS terminals.

Hybrid Venue POS Terminal
This innovative POS system combines a hybrid touchscreen and membrane keypad in a single unit, an industry first.  Staff can use the unit’s touchscreen or durable 76-key membrane pad to enter orders rapidly. The bright 7 inch display is highly responsive to a user’s touch, even one from a gloved hand.

Q1515 Venue POS Terminal
This 15 inch touchscreen POS terminal has been designed specifically for the premium areas within event-based venues. Our terminals support an unprecedented level of system redundancy, allowing sales to be generated and a full electronic journal stored even if the network communication or back office is down throughout your entire event.