Venue Menu Boards and Digital Signage


NCR digital menu boards and signage help you deliver eye-catching information for key operations for venues, arenas and stadiums. Our solution delivers digital advertising, wayfinding, digital menu boards, ride wait-time information, sponsor messages, ticket pricing and much more using indoor and outdoor screens.  Leverage our solution to enhance your image, improve the customer experience and boost sales. Other benefits for venues, arenas and stadiums include:

Improve marketing
From advertising promotions to wayfinding, NCR digital signage solutions provide new marketing channels that deliver results. Deliver your message to an unlimited number of LCD, plasma or LED displays in any site all controlled from one central location. Message content can be customized to each display or you can schedule for specific times of day to target specific audiences.

Strengthen communications
Our digital menu boards and signage help fans expedite their decision-making in the concession stand and ticket lines, translating to increased sales.

Make the most of events
Our digital signage and menu boards help you deliver fresh, eye-catching content that will command attention, entertain viewers and motivate buyers. Plus, our reporting tools help you understand the impact of the signage on sales and promotions produce affidavits for advertisers and more.