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Hotel Check-In Software
Tour our solutions for hotel check-in systems using mobile, web and self-service kiosks.

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NCR offers an advanced suite of hotel check-in software including:

  • Advanced Check-In: enable your guests to check-in when and where it is most convenient for them via web or mobile.  Send a check-in confirmation barcode straight to their mobile device so your guests can quickly and easily retrieve their room key once their reach your hotel.
  • Kiosk Check-In/-Out: Allow your guests to perform a number of important functions including check in, check out and retrieve their room key.
  • Roving Agent: offer guests a more personalized touch by bringing your agents out from behind the reception desk to help your guests with room selection, payment capture check-in and more using NCR’s iPad-based Roving Agent application.  (Note: Roving Agent is an optional extension of the Advanced Check-in solution.)
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NCR Advanced Check-in

A complete solution that provides your guests with the benefits of the latest in hotel check-in technology.

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Kiosk Check-In and Check-Out

Hotel check-in kiosks that offer self-service needs for guests and deliver a broad range of modular configurations for lobbies.

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Roving Agent

Hotel check-in software that gives guests a personalized experience and perfect for boutique hotels, luxury resorts and casinos.