Time Clocks

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NCR Time Clock 200 puts managers in control of managing labor costs, usually one of the largest cost centers for enterprises. Managers can monitor front-line employee data and strengthen controls to prevent unauthorized labor charges. Maintaining employee schedules protects operational budgets and preserves profit margins. Benefits include:

Improving scheduling operations
Track employee clock-in and clock-out times to monitor staff attendance and ensure adherence to preplanned schedules. Identify late-arriving employees who require performance counseling.

Eliminating employee training
There’s no learning curve for employees with NCR Time Clock 200. Employees simply swipe their ID cards or badges, which are powered by encoded magnetic strips or barcodes, to register the start and end of each shift.

Preventing unauthorized usage
Real-time punch validation prevents employees from making early or late punches, which increase labor costs. In addition, NCR Time Clock 200 is housed in a tamper-resistant enclosure, ensuring data integrity.

Eliminating payroll errors
Payroll errors due to incorrect time entry are a thing of the past. NCR Time Clock accurately captures employee time data and shares it with other integrated applications. 

Verifying employee identity with biometric capabilities
For high security operations, badges aren’t enough. Use the biometric finger sensor to verify employee identity.

Ensuring interoperability and scalability with your business
NCR Time Clock 200 integrates seamlessly with other systems, such as labor management applications, via the internet. Extend NCR Time Clock 200 easily when it’s time to grow your business.