Customer Displays


NCR offers a range of point-of-purchase customer displays that dramatically improve the ordering process and provide timely information in your restaurants, cinemas and event-based venues. Our 2x20 Customer Display shows orders as they are entered, enabling customers to confirm their orders and monitor the transaction process. The NCR 7” graphical customer display includes NFC capabilities, full motion video and graphics to engage customers at decision-making moments.  More than a touchscreen, the NCR 12” interactive customer display includes a magnetic stripe reader, stereo speakers and built-in multi-media support,  enabling customer self-service and enhanced promotions and up-selling. Benefits include:

Increasing order accuracy and profitability
Our customer displays boost sales by engaging customers at the moment of decision with high-impact marketing promotions and order confirmations.  Screens highlighting orders result in fewer ordering errors and item returns.

Improving speed of service
Customer displays eliminate the need to ask your customers for confirmation of their orders. Instead, your cashiers can focus on delivering superior service, allowing displays to soft-sell other items intuitively and unobtrusively. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction
With the interactive customer display, the Express Order feature stores customer order detail – including item modifiers – for fast retrieval on subsequent visits.  Even if your staff doesn’t remember to preferences of your regular customers, your system will.