Restaurant Marketing Services


Loyalty marketing is a constant evolution and it’s becoming more important to constantly engage and interact with your customers in real-time. Having the right technology to manage your marketing programs helps you grow revenue by attracting new customers and driving repeat business. Our loyalty, gift card, social media, customer feedback and referral applications enable restaurant marketing and operations teams to create targeted campaigns that drive personalized interactions vs. blasts of information. Benefits include:

Drive revenue and build customer loyalty
Our stored value and loyalty marketing programs can help you build consistent and predictable revenue streams. NCR solutions reduce administrative and marketing time and costs to deliver more to your top line. Allow card holders to easily add value to existing cards, go online to check balances and reward options, get information on promotions, and obtain refunds. 

Gain customer feedback and increase your marketing channels
Monitor customer satisfaction, deal with any dissatisfaction immediately and turn happy customers into brand ambassadors using social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Utilize customer intelligence
Use analytics from our marketing services to drill down into customer preferences and behaviors, leveraging insights for new campaigns.


NCR Aloha Loyalty Datasheet
Quickly design, rollout and manage effective loyalty marketing programs to engage your customers.

McLoone’s leverages NCR Aloha marketing tools to build brand loyalty: An NCR Case Study
“We would not be able to do what we do without the outstanding support we receive from the teams at NCR."

NCR launches customer feedback and social media referral solution for restaurant operators
Innovative web-based application being used to manage customer experience, drive referrals and increase average checks.