Self-Service Solutions


Whether for retail POS systems, including self check out and self service kiosks, bill payment or gift registry, you can depend on NCR to deliver the best in retail self-service. Our versatile self-service kiosk solutions raise the bar for speed, convenience and control in your retail operations and our retail POS systems are found worldwide in virtually every format your store may need.

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NCR SelfServ Checkout

NCR's self checkout systems feature intuitive interfaces and animated instructions so the customer always knows what to do next.

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NCR SelfServ Checkout Enterprise Reporting

Improve management of your self checkout systems with our web-based reporting application and secure report downloads.

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NCR SelfServ Checkout Enterprise Tools

Build and add to your current self-checkout systems and deliver a stronger retail experience to your customers.

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NCR SmartAssist

NCR SmartAssidst helps verify that your shoppers are correctly scanning all items in their shopping basket for a quick checkout.

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NCR Mobile Shopper

A mobile self-checkout that allows consumers to check an item’s price, view product information and scan items in the aisle.

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NCR SelfServ 60

A flexible, advanced retail kiosk with powerful, next-generation architecture.

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NCR SelfServ 70

Retail kiosk allows customers to complete payment transactions quickly, simply.

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NCR SelfServ 72

High security kiosk with maximum capability in a minimum footprint

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NCR SelfServ 85

A self-service kiosk that gives customers the ability to purchase products not available or out-of-stock while in your store.

NCR SelfServ 90 Kiosk

Deliver relevant product information and promotions with the NCR SelfServ 90 Kiosk.

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NCR Wayfinding

Help customers find their way and reduce demands on staff with a dynamic self-service tool.

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NCR Kiosk and Digital Signage Software

Create a dynamic communication pipeline through NCR Netkey digital signage software anywhere you interact with your customers.

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NCR SelfServ (tm) XK7

The XK7 offers exceptional versatility in an all-in-one design.