Self-Service Kiosks

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Self-service kiosks have proven their value in helping operators increase per cap spending and enhance customer service.  NCR provides innovative self-service kiosks for high volume cinema operations, empowering customers to purchase their tickets and concessions in one simple transaction.  Our self-service kiosks are built to withstand the challenges of outdoor usage, continuous operation and contaminants such as food, grease, and dirt. Benefits include:

Reducing labor costs
Don’t add cashiers when you have peak levels of traffic. Self-service kiosks can fully replace a cashier, saving thousands of dollars every year. 

Improving customer service
Provide customers with a fast, convenient alternative to purchasing tickets, picking up will-call orders and buying concessions. Move customers through ticket and concessions lines faster and watch revenue grow. 

Optimizing the solution for your environment
Leverage open platform technology, standard Intel electronics and the latest wireless networking for unmatched flexibility in meeting your specific operating needs.