Managed Services


NCR Managed Services provide a single point of accountability for your IT infrastructure with proactive, predictive analysis, remote monitoring, consumables, software and service management and 24/7 help desk support.

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NCR Total ATM Services

NCR Total ATM Services provide secure end-to-end management of your ATM network.

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NCR Predictive Services

An innovation in predictive maintenance, NCR Predictive Services anticipate any issues before they happen.

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NCR Incident Management

A single point of contact for ATM management, event monitoring and call management

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Cash Replenishment Services

NCR partners with leading global companies to keep cash available throughout your ATM network.

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Currency Management Services

NCR’s Currency Management Services will ensure that cash levels across the network are stable.

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10 Point Security Check

NCR’s 10 Point Security Check provides a new dimension of insight into the physical security threats of your ATM fleet.