NCR APTRA™ Promote is banking software that takes full advantage of each opportunity, delivering carefully coordinated, high-impact marketing and advertising campaigns to segmented customer groups. As well as using the on-screen video and graphics capabilities of your ATMs, campaigns can deliver promotional or discount coupons for a true multimedia experience.

NCR APTRA Promote banking software allows you to segment your self-service users and deliver the most relevant promotions and advertising based on their geographical position or the location type. You can target your existing customer base too, delivering one advertising campaign to platinum card holders and very different messages to those with a student account. Even more valuable than that, you promote your products and services to non-customers using your ATMs.

For all its power and sophistication, the banking software is unbelievably simple to use. A simple Windows interface lets you select existing graphics, videos and logos as well as when you want the campaign to run and to which cardholders. NCR APTRA Exchange then delivers the campaign to your chosen locations.