NCR SelfServ 38 Drive up


The NCR SelfServ™ 38 is a freestanding drive up ATM designed to cope with the severest weather conditions. It dispenses cash as well as offering a broad range of other services, such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and mini-statements.

In common with other NCR SelfServ 30 series products, the drive up ATM gives you the widest range of upgrade options available, including bulk and single cash and check deposit, check imaging and truncation as well as cash recycling. It can even be extended to offer the largest cash dispense capacity on the market.

With the most compact transaction area of all models, its large screen and shortest reach will deliver the greatest consumer usability across the widest range of vehicles.







55.6” (1,412mm)
41.3” (1,048mm) without air conditioning
45.9” (1,167mm) with air conditioning
36.0” (914mm)
2,182lbs (990kg)


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Consumer Interface

  • Display - Choice of 12.1” or 15” LCD, FDK or touchscreen, optional privacy filter, sunlight readable displays
  • Keyboard – EPP (PCI compliant), polycarbonate or stainless steel. Optional Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Card Reader - Smart Dip, IMCRW with Smart option, HiCo
  • Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators (MEEI)
  • Audio - Optional high quality public audio and/or sound jack with volume control
  • Advert Panel - Standard or enhanced with backlight
  • Barcode Reader - 2D Barcode supports both 1D and 2D documents


  • 2 or 4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability
  • Dual dispense 2x4 (8 cassettes)

Deposit Techonology

  • Intelligent Cash Deposit and Recycling Options - Choice of Cash Acceptors and Recycler. Accepts and validates up to 200 new notes per transaction*
  • Scalable Deposit Module - 1 slot for cash and check deposit. Can handle check and cash as a separate transaction but also mixed media (SW dependent)
  • Supports multi-currency deposit, remote download of templates
  • Intelligent Check Deposit - Scalable check deposit (up to 30 checks in a single bunch)
  • Envelope Depository/Dispenser

* Dependent upon currency, note quality and deposit module used


  • Receipt Printer - 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer. Options - retract and capture, dual color, dual roll and/or 2ST (two-sided thermal printing)
  • Journal Printer - 80mm 203dpi graphics  thermal printer
  • Statement Printer - 80 column thermal printer with document capture and 2ST


  • USB Protection and Parts Validation. Options - Fraudulent Device Inhibitor, Enhanced Card Drive, Intelligent Fraud Detection (IMCRW only), Ink-staining, Solidcore Suite for APTRATM, Camera NTSC, PAL or third party
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Safes - CEN L


  • Windows® XP Pro
  • XFS 4.05 or later
  • APTRA software suite

Additional features

  • Biometrics ready
  • Contactless ready

Drive-Up features

  • Bumper protection option
  • Service indicators
  • Line conditioner