NCR APTRA Interactive Teller

Video Bank at the ATM How to offer video tellers at your ATMs.
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Give your customers a highly personal banking experience, anywhere, anytime.

NCR APTRA™ Interactive Teller enables banks to offer their customers the benefits of both self-service video banking and the branch experience in one solution, closing the “intimacy gap.” NCR APTRA Interactive Teller combines video banking collaboration and remote transaction processing banking technology embedded within the ATM to give your customer the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote teller in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction.

By migrating routine transactions away from the teller counter, NCR APTRA Interactive Teller provides the combined benefits of lower processing costs, faster transactions and increased product sales and revenue growth.

This innovative technology is ideal for banks looking for a cost effective way to expand service to rurual areas. (See USA Today).