Branch Transformation

Video Bank at the ATM How to offer video tellers at your ATMs.
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At NCR, we know that sales are vital to grow your business. But we also understand that transforming your branches might seem like a massive step. Which is why our branch banking technology solutions let you adopt an incremental approach to help you achieve your goals of transaction automation, customer satisfaction and above all, customer retention.

NCR provides the only ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary, the Corporation for American Banking.

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NCR Interactive Services

NCR Interactive Services - putting the human touch back into banking.

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NCR Financial Kiosk

Banking kiosks that give consumers choices of bypassing teller lines and quickly completing typical branch transactions.

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NCR Cash Recycler 11

A teller cash recycler that speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves the opportunity for customer interaction.

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NCR APTRA Cash Connect

Stand-alone banking software with a range of program interfaces capable of supporting note and coin handling hardware products.

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NCR Account Services

Transform your branch network by migrating routine banking transactions to lower cost channels.

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Digital Signage Software and Information Management

Create a dynamic communication pipeline through digital signage software anywhere you interact with your customers.