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Video Bank at the ATM How to offer video tellers at your ATMs.
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NCR has been the world’s number one ATM manufacturer for more than 23 consecutive years. Beyond being a provider of ATMs, NCR leads the banking technology field in innovation, banking transactions, managed services, ATM security, and ATM Software.

Whether your goal is to enable branch tellers to serve customers with speed and accuracy or provide your customers with quality self-service banking transactions, NCR has the right solution. We help our clients around the world improve their customer interactions, implement change quickly and proactively, and transform their businesses to become leaders and change agents.

NCR provides the only ATM and Branch Transformation Solutions endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary, the Corporation for American Banking.

Banking Services

World-class banking services for financial institutions by delivering ATM technology with reliable security and unique features.

Branch Transformation

Branch banking technology solutions that maximize profitability while enhancing customer experience and brand differentiation.

ATM, Banking Software

With NCR banking and ATM software, you have the power to transform any financial network, whatever the scale.

NCR Secure™

NCR leads the banking industry in safeguarding ATM security and addressing all potential threats to financial institutions.

Enterprise Management

NCR leads the banking industry in addressing all potential threats to financial institutions.

Cash Dispenser ATMs

Delivering best-in-class cash dispenser ATMs to the world's leading banks and credit unions.

Deposit ATMs

Offer your customers advanced and convenient transactions that improve their experience at your deposit ATMs.

Cash Management Solutions

Cash Management solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively optimize all aspects of the complex bank technology process.

Mobile, Online Banking

Mobile banking solutions that enable an "anytime and anywhere" connection and create an easy-to-use and secure experience.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue generation through multi channel marketing at ATMs and Digital Channels.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Fraud Detection

NCR-Alaric provides fraud prevention solutions for issuers, acquirers, banks, processors and retailers.

Payment and Imaging

Remote Deposit Capture, Check Image Processing, Payment Processing, Global Payments