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If you’re looking for the latest collection of NCR’s best resources, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our top technology resources featuring innovative ideas, multi-channel marketing tips and solutions to build a faster world of transactions for the banking, grocery and convenience stores, restaurant, cinema and travel industries.

How to bring the experience to the ATM

Consumer Experience Matters.

Learn more about how NCR can help you transform the consumer experience and make every day in retail banking easier.

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Get to know NCR C-tailing™ Solutions

Serve up a superior customer experience!

Learn how Shake Shack delivers a superior customer experience and makes every day easier. 

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The Converged Retailing Roadmap

Top 5 ways to
improve your store

Here's a roadmap for retailers who respond to consumer demand for a converged retailing experience.

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Implementing the right digital marketing platform

Interactive airport wayfinding:

The easy way: best practices for implementing an interactive wayfinding solution.

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NCR Services for Wireless LAN

Wireless networking simplified

Download this whitepaper today to get an essential checking for successfully deploying enterprise and consumer mobility solutions.

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