NCR Tiger Fuel Controller Datasheet


With unmatched speed, the Tiger Fuel Controller is a solid-state, fit-for-purpose device that eliminates the need for distribution boxes, converters or other third-party devices. Forecourt communication is segmented and channeled allowing communications to all major pump manufacturers and models—even combinations at a single site. Leveraging our 20 plus years of experience empowering petroleum retail providers with industry-leading fuel control technology, the Tiger Fuel Controller provides increased up-time of the store’s most important transaction, the fuel purchase.

Improve speed-of-service
Debit, credit, fleet, loyalty and cash transaction speeds increase as a result of the Tiger Fuel Controller’s high performance CPU and ability to integrate all major fuel dispensers.

Maximize fuel dispenser up-time
Our solution eliminates the need for multiple devices, such as D-Boxes and converters, while enabling dispensers to run autonomously from the point-of-sale. As a result, it minimizes the points of failure in your network and isolates the fuel island from in-store failures.

Support robust marketing programs at the pump
By increasing bandwidth to the fuel island, the Tiger Fuel Controller allows rich media capabilities at the fuel island, supporting loyalty programs and in-store promotions and advertisements.

Reduce total cost of ownership
The Tiger Fuel Controller increases performance with integrated POS functionality and reuses existing wiring, connections and cabling.

Leverage a proven and innovative support model
NCR’s ISO 9001-certified Field Services network and global partnership with Choice Logistics, helps decrease support costs. Plus, our remote support diagnostics and upgrade capabilities help eliminate costly site visits.