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  • NCR SelfServ 37 Fully weatherized freestanding full-function ATM Datasheet

    A standalone full-function outdoor ATM that serves your customers with a wide range of transactions. more

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  • NCR SelfServ 14 Compact Interior Cash Dispenser Datasheet

    The SelfServ 14 is ideal for Financial Institutions who are looking for atm technology to integrate into their existing networks. more

  • NCR APTRA Interactive Teller Datasheet

    NCR APTRA Interactive Teller allows banks to offer the benefits of both self-service banking and branch experience in one solution more

  • Email Only Aptra Datasheet


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  • NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile Datasheet

    NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile is a remote deposit capture solution that allows for check deposits using a mobile phone’s camera. more

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  • USAlliance Federal Credit Union manages email marketing through NCR software

    Credit union turns to NCR APTRA eMarketing for improved member communication more

  • NCR APTRA OptiRecon Datasheet

    Provides detailed cash management, balancing and reconciliation functionality for all ATMs, carriers, and vaults. more

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  • NCR APTRA OptimizeCF Datasheet

    For users who want to benefit from a cash management solution but don’t have the dedicated in-house IT resources. more

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  • NCR APTRA OptiVLM Datasheet

    A cash management web application that allows financial institutions to track cash ordering information from a variety of sources. more

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  • APTRA Suite


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  • NCR Cash Management Consultancy Services Datasheet

    NCR Cash Management Consultancy Services applies best-practice principles that reengineer cash management processes more

  • NCR APTRA Activate

    Designed for complex multi-channel enterprises, APTRA Activate is an open ATM solution that offers true integration more

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  • APTRA Advance

    NCR's most popular ATM software delivers functionality and performance. more

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  • NCR Certified Refurbished ATMs Datasheet

    Looking for a quality assured low-cost refurbishment solution? more

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  • NCR Personas 77 Solo Datasheet

    Looking for high transaction volume capacity in a compact footprint more

  • NCR Automated Coin Deposit Sidecar Datasheet

    The NCR Automated Coin Deposit Sidecar attaches to your NCR SelfServ™ ATM, removing the need to handle coin deposits more

  • NCR Currency Template Maintenance Datasheet

    Our counterfeit detector template service reduces service disruption, thereby maximizing consumer confidence when making deposits more

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  • NCR Cash Recycler Datasheet

    NCR Cash Recycler allows tellers to give customers their undivided attention, rather than focusing on the banking transaction more

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  • NCR CEN 1 Safe (UL291 Level 1 customers) Datasheet

    Maintaining a comparable footprint to the UL 291 safe, it has thicker walls and weighs more, making it substantially more robust. more

  • Self Service Kiosk: APTRA In-Person Bill Payment Datasheet

    Migrating costly and time-consuming bill payment processing transactions to a self-service kiosk more

  • NCR Cash Recycler Pro Datasheet

    NCR Cash Recycler Pro speeds up banking transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction. more

  • NCR EasyPoint 3800 with Shared Branching Datasheet

    The NCR EasyPoint 3800 with Shared Branching links Credit Unions together, making ATM transactions available to everyone. more

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  • NCR EasyPoint 62 Pro Datasheet

    The NCR EasyPoint 62 Pro is a single-function lobby ATM offering cheque deposit. more

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  • NCR ImageMark Commercial Passport Datasheet

    The remote deposit capture solution provides a scalable platform allowing customers to process transactions from any location. more

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  • NCR Incident Management Datasheet

    NCR Incident Management Services provides the support you need to take full advantage of ATM networking 24x7. more