NCR SelfServ Checkout Express Datasheet


NCR SelfServ Checkout Express maximizes self-service for smaller baskets and formats

The market-leading NCR SelfServ Checkout offers a flexible, efficient way to improve self checkout operations and enhance the shopping experience. The NCR SelfServ Checkout Express solution extends these self checkout benefits with a flexible solution for smaller baskets and smaller format stores.

Provides even more convenience for smaller baskets
The “basket over bag” module on the NCR SelfServ Checkout Express solution puts the shopping basket over the bagging area, enabling both the input and output customer activity to happen in the same space. This option is ideal for retailers with basket sizes of one to five items or with limited space at the front end.

Drives more efficiency in less space
By removing the separate input area and adding the “basket over bag” module to existing one-bag self-checkout solutions, five self-checkouts can now fit in the space of four, enabling more transactions in the same amount of space.

Enables full cash functionality and security features of self-checkout
NCR data indicates that over 80 percent of transactions with less than three items are paid with cash. So even though NCR SelfServ Checkout Express reduces the overall footprint needed in the store, it does not sacrifice any of the cash handling or security features available on NCR SelfServ Checkout. This includes cash handling with optional note recycling and security features such as an integrated security scale, a sophisticated self-learning and adjusting weight database, intervention lights and sounds, and attendant-monitoring tools.

Improves the shopping experience
NCR SelfServ Checkout Express speeds up the checkout process by making more checkouts available. Shorter lines, greater privacy, greater control and more choice make consumers happier and more loyal to your brand.