NCR RealPOS 7168 Two-Sided Multifunction Printer Datasheet


The NCR RealPOS Two-Sided Multifunction Printer is the next generation in receipt printing

NCR is now offering printers that support the new Lean Receipt Utility, which supports advanced power and paper management options. By adding these new capabilities to the already environmentally friendly 2ST printer, NCR has once more raised the bar for receipt printing.

NCR’s latest 2ST printer not only offers improved printer efficiency, but it also improves customer satisfaction by speeding customers through the checkout process, providing options for promotional information and coupons on receipts and, of course, reducing the length of long, bulky receipts.

  • Save energy costs with advanced power manaagement
    The Lean Receipt Utility power-saving options allow you to aggressively control power consumption by up to 50%. New features include standby and power-off mode, which give customers the ability to reduce their power consumption. The printer goes into standby mode when it’s not being used; however, once a receipt is received, it quickly wakes up and prints. The power-off mode can be used to shut the printer down at night or during slow business hours. The printer wakes up when the paper feed button is pressed. Both options are fully customizable, giving you control.
  • Reduce environmental impact and paper costs
    The Lean Receipt Utility also allows you to reduce the margins and spacing on receipts in order to utilize more white space. With this, you could reduce your usage of receipt paper by up to 41%. Moreover, with 2ST you could save between 5%-25% on your annual receipt paper investment by reducing freight and storage costs.
  • Promote your brand to your customers
    With ample memory to store corporate logos and graphics, you’ll have an enhanced advertising vehicle that allows you to control and update your communication by transaction or by store. The three one-sided color options help draw attention to your promotions, in blue, black or red.