NCR Predictive Services Datasheet


A more effective way to deliver service

Ensuring that your self-service devices are always available when your customers need them requires being smarter about the way they are managed. It entails anticipating problems with components before they happen and performing full diagnosis and service dispatch before your customers are impacted. Using proven technology, NCR Predictive Services watches critical components of your self-service devices, anticipating any issues before they happen and proactively scheduling fixes that minimize the number and duration of service interruptions.

  • Minimize downtime due to component failures
    In many cases it’s possible to predict the failure of a component before it happens by monitoring hardware and software warnings and recognizing the signs. When these signs appear a service action is immediately initiated, avoiding downtime associated with response to an actual failure. This targeted notification also ensures that the right parts and skills are available for the fix.
  • Reduce the number of service interruptions
    Understanding when a component requires replacement means understanding how and when the device is being used. NCR provides a detailed activity reporting capability to track component usage information and monitor when a component is nearing the end of its useful service life. At that time, NCR will proactively replace the worn part during an existing service event to minimize the impact of the update to your customers.
  • Reduce the impact of device outages
    We understand more about your devices and, as a result, we are able to fully diagnose service requests before dispatching a technician. Technicians have detailed and targeted repair and parts advice before they arrive on site, enabling them to make faster repairs and ensuring that the right fix is provided the first time.