NCR ATM PCI DSS Consulting Services Datasheet


Protect your cardholder data from the risk of compromise

Organized crime continually migrates to the path of least resistance. To address an increasing number of card fraud and identity theft incidents globally, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has introduced a new worldwide Data Security Standard (DSS) to protect sensitive cardholder data from the risk of compromise. PCI DSS demands that any financial institution, retailer or service provider that processes, stores or transmits credit or debit card data be able to demonstrate PCI DSS compliance.

The process of achieving compliance can be daunting for any ATM deployer. NCR ATM PCI DSS Consulting Services can help you by simplifying the process, identifying any areas of non-compliance ahead of time and working with you to create an action plan. This ATM support service not only helps you ensure that your ATM security infrastructure, processes and controls meet the PCI DSS requirements but it also means that you will be protecting your self-service channel from security breaches that could damage brand reputation and consumer trust.

  • Plan for successful compliance
    NCR ATM PCI DSS Consulting Services can help you to effectively prepare for a PCI DSS compliance audit by creating, or refining, your policies, procedures and processes that surround ATM provisioning, operations, management and decommissioning, the switch and your supporting technical infrastructure. NCR offers ATM support services to also address any extra security controls that are needed for your production or development environments.
  • Address the gaps in your ATM network ahead of time
    Our experienced and qualified consultants begin by identifying gaps within your security infrastructure, processes and controls through structured data gathering and analysis. Then, at the end of the assessment, you will receive a state-of-compliance report that includes findings and recommendations. Additionally, a facilitated workshop is conducted involving key stakeholders to review these findings, and a collaborative, tailored action plan is created for you that includes prioritized recommendations with an implementation roadmap.