NCR SelfServ 90 Kiosk Datasheet – LA Spanish

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RealScan™ Single Window Scale Datasheet – LA Spanish

The ideal compact solution.

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NCR RealScan 79 Bi-Optic Imager Datasheet – LA Spanish

NCR RealScan 79 Bi-Optic Imager Datasheet

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RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale – LA Spanish

RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner

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NCR Signals Massive Makeover to Banking with Highly Secure Cloud-Based ATM Software Platform

NCR’s Kalpana™ software transforms the ATM channel, introducing ground-breaking security designed to eliminate malware and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 40% DULUTH, Ga., April 15, 2015 — NCR today introduced the biggest change to the way an ATM operates since the self-servi...

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Your Customer, Our Technology: Did you Know?

Today, consumers are more empowered than ever, with self-service and multi-channel options that can speed, automate, or even eliminate many of the most common errands and transactions they deal with every day. And where does that power come from? NCR. NCR is the engine that eliminates li...

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Did you know?

NCR owns approximately 1,450 patents in the U.S. and numerous other patents in foreign countries.