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When your customers are traveling, fast and simple gets them there in a better mood. And the brand that makes it easier is the one they remember—and talk about—fondly. That’s what we do for you, behind the scenes, every day. It’s why we introduced the world’s first self-service travel kiosk in 1996 and are taking the complexity out of network infrastructure today. So people spend less time waiting—at the airport, hotel and rental car station—and more time doing

How can we help you deliver more exceptional travel experiences? NCR Travel Transformation Consulting is ready to design yours by setting up the right mix of software, hardware and professional services. Because we want to see you operate and grow your business better and faster than ever, while engaging customers like never before.

Be a traveler’s best friend

Let your customers buy tickets, complete airline check-in and see departures from their phones—or check in using a self-service kiosk. We’ll make sure their experience is consistent no matter how they reach you.

Capture revenue in more places

Consumers aren’t just paying for travel. In fact, 34 percent purchase extra services for their flight.1 We can help you win more dollars through digital marketing, merchandising and displaying promos where your customers see them. For example, 49 percent of travelers said a coupon on their boarding pass made them more likely to purchase something at the airport.2

Run a tight ship

Rather than waiting for an agent, 85 percent of travelers prefer to print their own bag tag, and 77 percent would book an alternate flight on a smartphone or kiosk if a flight is cancelled. When you and NCR work together to let travelers complete tasks on their own terms, you can make the most of your resources.

Bring it all together

We know you rely on multiple systems to keep things running smoothly. Managing it all can get a bit hectic. NCR Network Services makes it easy. We’ll design and manage all your disparate networks, including the applications that run on them—from digital signage to departure control. And we’ll test everything in a virtual environment before you go live. You’ll get one friendly face to take care of it all, backed by 24/7 global support. 

Why NCR?

  • Every day, NCR makes more than 300 million transactions possible. We draw on our expertise from retail, financial and other industries  to bring you the very best software, hardware and services—a total solution for travel.
  • We’re everywhere you are. More than 13,000 NCR service experts are ready to help in more than 3,000 locations. Our customer care team supports 25 languages. 
  • Our inventions change the way you travel. We were one of the first to offer mobile barcoded airline boarding passes. We launched at-home bag tagging with Alaska Airlines and an award-winning virtual agent with Hertz. In short, we never stop looking for ways to make the world of travel better.

See what else NCR travel can do for you by selecting a service or solution below. And stay in touch  with us to keep up on what’s happening in travel.





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1. 2012 IATA Customer Survey

2. 2013 NCR Traveler Experience Survey

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