Q and A about the Quest transition

Quest POS solutions becomes part of NCR Hospitality

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What is happening to Quest POS?

Quest POS, as a business entity, is changing its name. A little history:

Quest POS Solutions has provided hospitality and restaurant management products for over 25 years. In 2009, Quest was purchased by Radiant Systems, a U.S.-based hospitality and retail technology provider. In August of 2011, Radiant Systems was acquired by NCR Corp., a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business.

In early 2012, NCR performed comprehensive, independent brand management and market research; the resulting recommendation was to incorporate Quest POS Solutions into NCR’s hospitality business. NCR Hospitality provides hospitality management systems in over 100,000 venues and food service locations across the globe. The business you know as Quest POS Solutions is being transitioned to NCR Hospitality for the following reasons:

  • to simplify communications about NCR Hospitality solutions
  • to advance product value and solution flexibility for NCR Hospitality prospects and customers
  • to signal NCR’s commitment to the hospitality industry
  • to bring efficiencies to the development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of all NCR Hospitality products, including those from Quest POS
  • to bring continuity to the brands managed by NCR

Will Quest, as a company continue to operate?
Yes, only it will no longer be called Quest. The Quest POS organization is now a fully integrated, but important part of the NCR Hospitality division. 

How will the people I know at the company be affected?
Your relationship with Quest employees should not change (except for, perhaps, their email address!). You can expect to be doing business with the same team of professionals that have earned your respect through the years.

How will the Quest products be affected by this transition?
Quest POS terminals are renowned throughout Australia and New Zealand for their reliability, transaction speed, robust functionality and flexible configurability. Resellers and end-users can depend on the existing product line to remain virtually unchanged for the immediate future. What will change is NCR’s introduction of these solutions to hospitality-related industries in additional parts of the globe.

NCR will also investigate how to leverage its manufacturing and distribution prowess to increase value and deliverability. You can also expect to see the results of synergistic research and development in future products that can be integrated into the NCR Hospitality solution set, including existing Quest installations.

Will the product be incorporated into other products or otherwise be dissolved?
The Quest product line contains unique and powerful solutions for the hospitality and venue management industries; NCR intends to continue to market the majority of these products. . It is possible that peripherals and/or accessories could become phased out or otherwise upgraded or replaced with products that carry NCR’s full support, but this would take place as standard product management, and not as a result of the brand transition. We will be working closely with business partners and customers to assure a smooth transition to any hardware changes in the lineup. At this time, there are no plans to retroactively affect any installed solution.

Additionally, should it become necessary to rename or rebrand existing Quest products, this will occur in conjunction with the cooperation and feedback of the resellers and distributors that represent Quest.

Will NCR continue to invest in this product and market?
NCR’s acquisition of Radiant Systems, its market leading position in the countries it serves, and its continued research into emerging markets, signal that NCR’s commitment to the hospitality, food service, and events-based venue management industries is vital to its overall business strategy and its continued growth and success. NCR Hospitality is taking great steps to redefine how the hospitality industry connects, interacts and transacts with its customers.

Where do I turn to find answers to other questions I may have about the transition of Quest POS solutions to NCR Hospitality?
We are being very proactive about getting the word out. Look for ads in industry publications, talk to your NCR Hospitality (formerly Quest POS) representative, register for our newsletter, visit our web site or email Stuart.Ats@ncr.com.