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Commercial and Small Business RDC


is a thin client-based remote deposit capture solution that allows your business customers to make electronic check deposits easily, conveniently and securely from their place of business. With a single integrated and scalable banking software platform, Commercial and Small Business RDC allows your customers to centrally manage and make check deposits using a desk top scanner without having to leave their place of business. The banking software is highly versatile, with capabilities that include capture, proof, balance, reconcile and image/item research.

What are the benefits for NCR Commercial and Small Business RDC?

  • Increased fee revenues and deposits
  • Streamline the remote deposit capture process
  • Increased deposit accuracy and efficiency
  • Retain and expand your market reach
  • Better reporting for your business customers
  • Encourage single business banking relationships

Certain check and money orders lose fidelity or become ?washed out? during imaging requiring additional time and effort during back office processing. This adds cost to your operations and can impact your customer?s experience.

that provides unique capabilities in the market.




As an industry expert with over 40 years’ experience developing mid to high end volume check imaging transport software, NCR’s Passport Web Client driver optimizes the scanner and quality of the check image captured reducing errors that require manual intervention or the original paper to complete processing. As a customized imaging technology interface between the business client’s computer and the check scanning device, NCR’s Passport Web Client driver provides the following benefits:

Decreased cost

  • Faster scanning reduce time for deposits saving time
  • Optimal image captured reducing need for minor fixes or additional research for major exceptions to complete the deposit processing
  • Minimal bandwidth requirements
  • Server upgrades do not force branch scanning upgrades creating potential disruption
  • Courier costs for sending original item to processing center completing a deposit

Improved experience

  • Faster processing of client deposits allowing for quicker availability
  • Customers are not impacted during their day to provide the original paper item back to the branch or having their deposit rejected completed


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Interactive technology will enable Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union members to bank with teller live via ATMs.


Be at the forefront of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a topic receiving much attention, not just in hospitality but for all types of businesses. But – what does it mean?

Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.