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Commercial mRDC

NCR Commercial mRDC is a thin client-based remote deposit capture solution that allows your business customers to make electronic check deposits easily, conveniently and securely using their mobile device.

Commerial mRDC allows your business customers to use a single integrated and scalable software platform to process transactions while on-the-go.  Commercial mRDC enables the creation of business deposits via a mobile phone or tablet and is fully integrated into commercial and small business RDC.

For corporate, merchant and small businesses clients using a desktop scanner in a centralized location  all deposits are consolidated into a central location before being sent to your bank for processing. Extremely scalable, NCR’s Commercial mRDC solution is ideal for clients requiring check deposits from multiple business locations such as property management or delivery services companies.

What are the benefits for NCR Commercial mRDC?

  • Consolidate checks from multiple locations into a single deposit
  • Cost reduction by shifting deposits from the branch to a lower cost channel
  • Increased fee revenues and deposits
  • Increased deposit accuracy, efficiency and customer experience
  • Retain and expand your market reach
  • Expanded reporting for your business customers
  • Optimized customer service and brand image

  • Optimized customer service and brand image


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Interactive technology will enable Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union members to bank with teller live via ATMs.


Be at the forefront of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a topic receiving much attention, not just in hospitality but for all types of businesses. But – what does it mean?

Did you know

Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.