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NCR iTRAN 8000 Imaging Transport

The NCR iTRAN 8000 is a high-throughput imaging transport designed to handle a wide variety of document conditions in a mid-to-high volume environment. The payment processing transport of choice for banks, financial institutions, data centers, utilities, and other companies that process significant volumes of check imaging each day, the NCR iTRAN 8000 delivers:

Every aspect of NCR iTRAN 8000 has been designed to process items quickly and easily, with a goal of improving overall throughput. In addition to increasing the track speed to 600 dpm, NCR iTRAN 8000´s availability rating is an impressive 98.7%, substantially higher than other transports in the market today, which translates into lower costs per item and a superior return on investment.


HeightBase module 56.0” (1,420mm) Encoder 39.0” (990mm) Graphical endorser 41.0” (1,040mm) MICR verifier 41.0” (1,040mm) Pocket module 37.5” (950mm) LengthBase module 67.0” (1,700mm) Encoder 28.0” (710mm) Graphical endorser 14.0” (356mm) MICR verifier 14.0” (356mm) Pocket module 17.5” (445mm) DepthBase module 38.0” (965mm) Encoder 28.5” (725mm) Graphical endorser 28.5” (725mm) MICR verifier 28.5” (725mm) Pocket module 28.5” (725mm) WeightBase module 586lbs (266kg) Encoder 288lbs (131kg) Graphical endorser 128lbs (58kg) MICR verifier 146lbs (66kg) Pocket module 96lbs (44kg)

Document Dimensions
The transport is capable of handling documents that meet the following criteria:

  • Length – min: 4.75” (121mm), max: 9.0”(228mm)
  • Height – min: 2.5” (65mm), max: 4.8” (123mm)
  • Thickness – min: 0.003” (0.075mm), max: 0.0075” (0.190mm)
  • Weight – min: 20lbs (75g/m 2), max: 28lbs (105g/m2)

Flat-screen monitor

  • Flat-screen LCD color monitor on swivel stand
  • Optional touchscreen version

Document feeder

  • Standard auto-feed hopper: 2,500-document capacity
  • Hand-drop feeder
  • Merge hopper: 150 document capacity


  • Two 300dpm encoders provide performance ata full 600dpm* (E13B, CMC7, OCRA/B)


  • Dual-font reader: MICR: E13B and CMC7, OCR: • OCRA/B numeric and alphanumeric, up to
  • 10 fonts available (3 user-defined zones)


ECR-enhanced codeline recognition

  • Optional software that combines E13B codeline • data from MICR and OCR to provide a “best read” result
  • Runs at full track speed

Imaging module

  • Upstream and/or downstream image camera
  • Color imaging, black-and-white and/or grayscale
  • Up to 2 image formats per camera
  • Resolutions: 100, 120, 160, 200, 240, 300dpi

Graphical encoder

  • Optional rear only or front and rear
  • Programmable, up to 8 user-defined bitmaps
  • 1 to 4 lines of standard print (up
  • to 180 characters per document)


  • 4 pockets per module – each pocket • has 300 document capacity
  • Up to 10 modules for a total of
  • 40 pockets

Power requirements

  • The transport requires a dedicated 120 volt nominal, 60Hz, single phase, three-wire branch circuit
  • Nominal voltage limits: 104-127volts
  • Frequency limits: 59.0-60.6Hz

PC controller

  • Each iTRAN 8000 requires a dedicated PC controller
  • NCR certified PCs are recommended; configuration can be obtained through contacting your
  • NCR representative


  • Ethernet LAN for external interface


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