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Banking and ATM software are the brains behind your self-service machines. Software can give you valuable information about how customers are making transactions and using your ATMs—and help you plan for uninterrupted service.

Our market-leading APTRA™ software is designed to help you get the most from your ATM network. After all, transactions are what we do best (we’re the world leader in consumer transaction technologies). And because our affordable software comes ready to use, you can start building a better self-service network right away.

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ATMs in the US: 46 years and counting

September 2nd 1969 may not be a date that holds much meaning to most people, but for the US banking industry this was the start of a new era as it saw the debut of the country’s first ATM. America’s first automated teller machine made its appearance at a Chemical Bank branch in R...

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BankPlus Renews Commitment to Digital Insight

Community bank excited about strategic direction of Digital Insight and strength of its products Duluth, Ga., September 22, 2015 – BankPlus recently extended its relationship with Digital Insight, an NCR company, for five and a half more years. The bank offers Digital Insight’s suite o...

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More than 12 million customers manage their finances via NCR’s digital banking solutions.