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Discounts on Payments

Suppliers can elect to offer NCR a discount rate on payments in exchange for faster payment terms. If you wish to propose a discount for faster payment, please complete the Discount Payment Terms Request below and submit to NCR. Electronic Funds Transfer way of improving the reliability and timing of receipt of your payments is to sign-up for electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you are currently receiving payments via check and would like to have funds electronically deposited into your bank account, please complete another Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form and fax it to the telephone number appearing in header to this document.

Note: Currently, the EFT payment option is not available for those suppliers who ship service parts/products to NCR’s Service Parts Center in Peachtree City, Atlanta.

Discount Payment Terms Request

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Payment Term Options:
Instructions: This section is used for submitting a proposed discount rate and terms. The discount rate is the percent price reduction offered. The discount term is the number of days in which NCR must submit payment, after receipt of an approved invoice, in order to apply the discount rate to the payment.
(Must be greater than or equal to 10 Days)
Note: Agreed upon new discount terms do not change the pre-existing contractual non-discount terms. If NCR for any reason does not make a payment within the new discount term period, the pre-existing “Net” payment terms will apply to the full undiscounted payment.
Supplier Address Information:
Supplier Contact Information:

Upon submission your request will be forwarded to NCR. You should receive notification of whether your request has been approved within 2 business days. Once approved, the new terms will become effective immediately upon notification.

NCR reserves the right to make undiscounted payments based on pre-existing payment terms even if discounted payment terms have been agreed upon. If you have any questions or comments, please click this link to contact us.

To send your request to NCR, please click the “Submit” button below. By pressing submit you are certifying you are authorized to request this payment term change on behalf of your company.

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